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There were some very sympathic people in the laundry today. I had put things in there machines by accident, but they only needed the dryers. Instead of taking every chans to get to blame someone, yelling at them for doing something wrong, wich some people does, these guys were very friendly and tod me it was allrigt. They also told me some things about the laundryroom that will make it easyer for me to use it properly the next time. I like such people! By doing like they did, they put some sunshine on my sky.


I have to reschedule every extracurricular activity just because one activity changed his schedule at such a short notice. It took me almost the whole morning to inform other sports that my sons cannot play on a specific day because something else changed and now he has something else to do at that day. This is very tiring. They might think I am crazy that I want to change everything on such short notice. Well I don’t want that but it started with one activity and now it is a mess. I planned it with great care and all fit ...